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BOOK TITLE: Explanation Of Jap Ji Sahib
AUTHOR : Dassan Dass
LANGUAGE : English

This book is a divine gift for seekers of Truth. It is full of eternal blessings and complete spiritual wisdom. It is written with the Gurparsaad of the Infinite Divine Power. Jap Ji Sahib is the journey to Sach Khand, and this explanation will help you to attain salvation whilst alive.

This book eradicates the illusions that Truth seekers get trapped in on the path of spirituality and inspires them to do complete Bandagi through selfless service, truthful deeds, sangat of divine souls and Naam Simran.

This book is written with Eternal Blessings and Eternal Spiritual Power. This book is saturated with Naam Amrit (Divine Energy) which will help the Truth seekers to do Naam simran.



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  • Explanation Of Jap Ji Sahib

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